World Dance Fusion Performs at Conference of the Birds
August 18, 2016

World Dance Fusion‘s next performance. We are coming to the South Bay for The Conference of the Birds.

Conference of the Birds

EnActe & Sangam Arts present fifteen actors and thirty dancers from twelve cultures coming together in one multicultural rendering of the timeless Sufi epic The Conference of the Birds.

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About the Show
Hoopoe the wise one calls for a conference of hundreds of birds, exhorting them to embark on a perilous journey across seven treacherous valleys in search of Simorgh, their king and salvation. The seven valleys represent challenges on the path to realizing the true nature of God – Yearning, Love, Mystical Knowledge, Detachment, Unity of God, Bewilderment and finally, Selflessness and Oblivion in God. Each bird has its own significance – the nightingale symbolizes the lover, the peacock the “fallen soul,” the parrot seeks the fountain of immortality.

In 1971 Brook, Carriere and a very young Helen Mirren embarked on a journey across the Sahara from Algiers to Nigeria on their own search for the definition of universal theatre, much like the birds themselves. They engaged with villagers to devise simple, improvised pieces, using the poem as the centrepiece of their experimental repertoire and aiming to shed stale Western conventions in their quest for the universality of theater. From this effort arose the final script.

It is this universality that we seek to capture in our production, using Peter Brook and Academy Award winning playwright Jean-Claude Carriere’s play as the theatrical basis.